Sparks Elementary Clothing Drive
The Kindergarten has a parade to promote the advantages of recycling.
L.F. Smith Elementary Clothing Drive
L.F. Smith Elementary receiving awards for a job well done!
A confident recycler
Salon Parks in Houston sees the beauty in recycling!
Sparks Elementary receiving first place in a recycling contest
Cheers for recycling
Kinder saves the world
OCG staff and volunteer flex muscles!
OCG Truck fully loaded after a clothing drive benefiting Houston's Children's Charity.
Mae Smythe Elementary receiving award!

Clothing Drives are a way to raise awareness for your organization as well as needed funds. Not only do they help teach the importance of giving to others less fortunate but they also teach the importance of preserving our planet. Clothing Drives used as a fundraiser are easy to implement. The spirit of giving is contagious. Why not catch the fever?

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